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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."

Carol set my mind at ease profoundly at one critical time in my journey
by reassuring me I could ground in the grid of light rather to the center
of the earth. As a being who has found it very difficult to set foot and
ground on earth this was wonderful support for me. And in time I opened
the door to connecting more and more deeply to beautiful Gaia which feels
so very good too. Thank you Carol!

Melinda Furcht
Adelphi, Maryland

Know the Peace that You are Becoming

How can we know the peacewhen the mind is always running away with trouble in the making? The mind makes trouble when there is none.

Learn to stop mind-linking activities, and determine your very own path to peace: peace of mind, peace of heart. Without realizing this inner knowing, you will never relinquish your ties to world peace. Yes. Relinquish.

Until we have each given up our attachment to the outcome of world peace, we are merely stepping into the group creation and pushing the outcome of continued turmoil with the mind.

"Be not afraid of our frailties of mind," the Guides say. We are to embrace the mindful aspect of our human nature. We are to recognize that, as we learn to co-exist in heart with our human family, we will begin to affect a global shift in consciousness.

Our time is now. In this now moment we are to claim victory over the human aspects of the mind, and to embrace our divinity. As we are allowing this knowing to guide us through the first energetic gateway, we will find that our hearts and minds will begin to merge as one—one energetic light.

This light is a frequency that ignites your imagination in ways that will begin to reveal your early beginnings. As your inner sight, inner knowing, opens to peace, allow your heart to reveal the possibilities of all things to come. Your human family will begin their ascension by first diving into fear-based beliefs, then they will come find you. You are to be a resource to them, a well of peace. Let your new formed knowing be your guide.

You are preparing your mind to accept what your heart already knows: that you, as beings of light, are here to liberate your human family who seems bent on death and destruction. This form of liberation is born from your inherent ability to unconditionally love humanity.

"Like the weaving of a fine woolen cloth, you will know where you are to be when the time draws near. Allow yourself to love deeply, fully, freely. Know that you will be guided by those of us on the other side of the veil. We are legions of light beings who have come to aide in your quickening of heart, your collective grand awakening."

Know that as you intone peace, love passionately all that you are called to do. In loving with such intensity, these vibrations will amplify the group creation and serve to ignite the consciousness of your human family. As one light being to another you are all about the work of gathering one visionary, one healer, one activator after another for the work ahead.

And now, in this present moment, as you envision your heart's desire, know that all is well.

The emphasis of the work I have been doing of late has been in quelling the anxiety of relationships! Relationships are exploding, expanding, breaking apart or coming together. No matter what the dynamic, collectively, we seem to be in a very dramatic, touchy, sensitive state of being. Why? Because the energy is pushing us to shift in consciousness anything and everything that is not working. As we clear our own way for experiencing deeper levels of freedom, we will find that our paths with others are more fulfilling, but only as we listen to our hearts and make clear our intentions for freedom. If you are finding that your life, as played out in relationship, is in the more dramatic category of clearing, be still and ask yourself, "Is there any reflection being offered up by the other that is also inside of me?" If the answer is yes, then give thanks for the learning, and get on about the doing of clearing inside your very own self by choosing joy.

If you find yourself dismayed, surprised or disappointed by the other, you may wish to ask yourself, "What have I been missing, not seeing, and what do I wish to experience in my life now?"

First and foremost relationship is about the Self. Learn to listen to your heart, and allow it to guide you in all manners of being.